The system consists of 4 separate components

  • Scanning Module
  • File storage system
  • Front-end web application

Scanning Module that will work in the web domain and is designed for scanners working with the TWAIN standard ( If the organization will use other scanners (for example, a non-large scanning device placed near the employee directly serving the client), a desktop application will be created that connects to the scanning device and scans the document according to predefined criteria and a set of documents (contract number, document type, etc.). transferred to the file storage system

  • A database in which to find links to digitized documents, organization-defined classifiers and document identifiers and collection names, information about the organization’s departments and users, and information classification rules defined by them.
  • According to the collection and identifiers, it is a Web service, the purpose of which is to receive information with certain parameters and provide it to “client” systems (client application).
  • The file storage system is a Web service, the purpose of which is to receive and provide files with certain parameters to “client” systems (client application).
  • Front-end web application where employees will perform the actual scanning, sorting and defining documents, searching for scanned documents.

Desktop application sample

Web application sample