The solution designed for call center typical operation to identify, onboard and customer service operations via video call in-between customer and agents.

The solution is has client and agent parts as web site design for I-frame mode and both can be incorporated in 3rd party applications.

The solution is based on web RTC technology and implemented with c#, MSSQL.

The solution was successfully tested at Three Coders Lab and is ready for white label or customization according to any client organization need

of organization and if agents are available for conversation.

Call center solution based on Video chat: Client

Clients can access to agents via organization web site or mobile app, check the availability of agent, start the conversation, change the documents with agents, submit certain data set predefined by organization.

No login or postcode is required for a client.

Call center solution based on Video chat: AGENTS

Agents can take pictures during a chat, send and receive the documents, add comments.

Agents can search the conversation by data provided by client, date, etc and see the details of conversation.

Call center solution based on Video chat: Admins

Admins can view real time data on agents and calls. There are also basic statistical reports related to performance of agents and call statistics.

Admins can add, edit and disable the agents account.

Admins can make changes in dataset for clients (add, edit) and other parameters of system.